Retractable Awning Repair Kits

retractable awning repair

If you own an awning that has been severely damaged by harsh weather or has simply shown signs of wear and tear over time, the good news is you probably do not need to totally tear out your existing awning and begin again. At Hill Country Awnings & Shades, do not only install and repair retractable awnings but also fabricate new ones. You can save tremendous money and time when you choose to fabricate your retractable awning replacement fabric. Your custom retractable awning replacement fabric will be specifically designed to perfectly match your existing awning.

Retractable awnings are made from durable materials such as vinyl, nylon, or polyester. Many homeowners like to purchase vinyl replacement awnings because they are extremely easy to maintain and care for. Simply remove the protective covering and wash the awning retractable with a mild detergent. Follow the manufacturers recommended washing instructions for the specific fabric you have purchased. This will ensure your new awning retractable arm repair will last a lifetime.

Replacement Parts

While researching quality awning fabric replacement parts for your retractable awning repair, it is essential to purchasing quality parts. Low-cost parts can quickly void any warranty protection from your manufacturer. It is recommended that the majority of your repair project be funded by your homeowner’s insurance policy. If not, consider adding on additional homeowner’s insurance coverage. By doing so, you will be covered in the event of unexpected damage or loss to your property.

Most awnings are relatively easy to replace. In most cases, you can simply remove the protective covering, cut off the malfunctioning sections, and replace them with quality pieces. Many retractable awning repair companies offer quick and easy installation kits. These kits include everything you need to repair your awnings. The majority of these kits include everything you need to repair your awnings.

retractable awning repair


Low-quality retractable awning replacement parts often require more than one repair attempt to complete. Sometimes parts need to be ordered in bulk. This extra expense will eventually be more than the cost of the parts needed to repair your awnings. You will also be required to purchase extra replacement fabric and possibly even special size awnings. Most homeowners find that it is necessary to purchase extra replacement fabric when they realize that the exact pattern of their awnings is not available from the factory. This extra purchase will cost more than purchasing the same pattern of replacement fabric.

High-quality fabrics are used in most high-end retractable awning repair companies. If your repair company uses low-quality awning fabric, it may not be long before the awnings begin to appear worn. When this happens, you must purchase the same fabric as you had initially purchased. Even if you buy the same fabric later, it may still not look as good as it did when it was new. It is imperative to ensure that your repair company uses high-quality awnings with high-quality fabric to repair your awnings.


Even though it is tempting to purchase extra replacement parts for your awnings after the first set has broken down, it is not worth the risk of replacing an entire retractable awning when one of its sections breaks down. You can save money by purchasing an awning repair kit instead of an entire replacement awning. A good quality repair kit consists of two parts: an awning repair guide and fabric repair tape. The awning repair guide is usually made out of Eiderdown paper that has been laminated. The purpose of this material is to protect the actual fabric underneath from being ruined.

If the damage to your awnings is minor, it may be possible to repair these problems on your own. Many people prefer to have a professional retractable awning repair company do the repairs because doing it themselves can be very dangerous. Retractable awnings have sharp ends on them that can easily cut or puncture a person’s skin. Additionally, they have sharp pointed hooks on the bottom part of the awnings that can catch the fabric of a person’s awnings. These are areas that should never be repaired on your own because they could easily cause severe injury to a person.

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