Homeowners Should Consider Installing A Retractable Awning

installing a retractable awning

When you own a deck or patio that you want to use but are often constrained by the weather, you might think about installing a retractable awning over your outdoor space. With a retractable awning over your deck or patio, you can conveniently extend your outdoor entertaining space, creating an enlarged area that links the indoors and the outdoors. Canopy awnings are a great way to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your home. They give you the same level of protection from the sun and precipitation as indoor awnings offer. A retractable canopy also makes it easy to extend your outdoor living area to include areas beyond your patio or deck, including a porch or window, walkways, or poolside area. These awnings are made with durable materials to withstand outdoor conditions and come in a variety of styles to meet your personal preferences.


With a retractable awning over your windows or porch, you’ll be protected from harmful UV rays from the sun. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause permanent damage to wood, paint, or fabrics that aren’t protected by an umbrella. UV rays can also lead to skin cancer, age spots, and other aging signs. With an umbrella, however, you don’t have to worry about those issues because you can block the sun’s damaging rays at any time, just pull the retractable awning down. Even if the heat or rain is too much during the day, you’ll still be protected from the sun’s damaging UV rays, as long as you’re wearing an umbrella.

  • Heat Gain: Another advantage of installing awnings over windows is that they help to lower the inside temperature of your home. During the summer months, the awnings will allow air to circulate your home, helping to keep your heating costs down. At night, the awnings will act as an insulator and will shade your home from the afternoon sun. This shading will cut down on your overall energy bill by reducing the amount of time the heat enters your house through your windows. Over time, this will save you thousands of dollars on your energy bill. In addition, the lower heat gain in the summer months will prevent your awnings from becoming hot in the winter months, which can cause damage to your window frames, your roof, and other parts of your home.
installing a retractable awning
  • Low Cost: While most companies will tell you the cost of their awnings is what sets them apart from other manufacturers, they may not tell you that the cost of installation is what makes their product so affordable. The cost of a retractable awning installation is only about two to three thousand dollars. Compare that to the price of most awnings for sale, which can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. The best part about the cost of the installation versus the cost of the awnings is that it takes very little time to put the system together, and then you only have to do it one time, instead of several times for a year. If the cost of the awnings is still too much, consider adding an extension to the installation, which will extend the life of the retractable awning by many years.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Because the installation process is so simple and involves no electricity, there are very few parts in a retractable awning that need to be maintained. The motorized version does require yearly service to ensure that it is working properly and to check the battery levels. Any dirt or debris in the channels will need to be cleaned out using a brush attachment regularly. The awnings cost almost nothing to buy in the long run, so even if you have to spend a little money at first to purchase and install the system, you will save money in the long run by not having to pay for costly repairs. This is a great way to save money, as the awnings cost much less to operate than window blinds, and require virtually no maintenance. If you want to get up close to the awning and clean it, all you will need to do is use a damp cloth to wipe away the dirt.
  • Versatile Design: Although the manual awnings are typically cheaper than their motorized versions, there are still many homeowners who prefer retractable awnings. This is because the retractable awning adds a decorative element to the home and also adds extra privacy to the homeowner. The retractable awnings are made with different configurations and styles and can easily be customized to fit the exact specifications of any home or deck.

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