Interested in finding out more about the Seashell Awnings product line? Get the facts about our awning by reading our most frequently asked questions.

Q: What is a Seashell Awning?
A Genuine Seashell Awning is a Retractable Radial Sail awning that is capable of providing shelter to any residential, commercial or retail location, especially previ-ously not possible areas such as inside and outside corners.

Q: How big are they? or What sizes do they come in?
The Seashell Awning comes in four different standard applications, namely 90, 180, 270 and 360 Degree applications. Custom angles can also be provided. The range of Seashell Awnings are available in three different radius dimensions that measure 3 Metre, 4 Metre and 5 Metre. Sizes may vary slightly with adjusted awning angle.

Q: How much area will a SeaShell Awning cover?
Shade coverage will vary at different times of the day, however the chart below shows the approximate surface area of each Seashell Awning application.
Seashell Awnings cover these areas
Areas are approximate and may vary due to adjusted angle.

Q: What happens when it rains?
The beauty of the Seashell Awning is that the sail material that we use is waterproof so your outdoor areas and property will remain dry and useable.

Q: What happens when it is windy?
Seashell Awnings are engineered to withstand wind. However before wind load becomes critical our patented MagnaLOC Technology will safely disengage and return your awning to its closed, locked position.

Q: Is the Seashell Awning A Green Product?
Properly installed awnings can reduce heat gain up to 65% on northern windows and 77% on eastern & western windows. This could be equivalent to a 15 deg difference in temperatures. The use of awning during the summer months could have an effect on peak demand reduction which could save the utility companies and the consumer from an increase in the need to build a new generating capacity. In the colder months, due to the retract ability of the Seashell Awning you are able to take advantage replica watches of the warming rays of the sun.

Q: What about My Furniture?
The use of A Seashell Awning system can help protect your furnishings, art and decorations from the harmful suns rays and also protects your outdoor furniture from fading.

Q: What colours are available?
We currently offer three standard options for Frame and Sail colour. A range of non-standard colours are available at a modest surcharge.

Q: Is there any maintenance required?

Each Seashell Awning is designed for minimum maintenance. A simple hose off should be all that is needed to maintain the finish of your Seashell Awning. Additional care instructions are available in our warranty information

Q: What size would I need?
The size will be determined by the area you want to shade. Each application provides different benefits. Feel free to call one of our experienced customer service representatives for further ideas on how to choose the right Seashell Awning.

Q: Do you handle the installs or do you contract it out?
We are working with a reputable retailers and contractors consistent with the quality of our product.

Q: What is the warranty on the product?
Seashell Industries offers a limited 5 year warranty on all Seashell Awnings, for further details refer to our warranty information

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